Trevi Ground Engineering

Soil Improvement Technologies

TREVI Ground Engineering is a soil improvement division of TREVI Group offering exceptional ground engineering and construction services for all Trevi subsidiaries worldwide.

With combination of value engineering and broad range of innovative technologies, TREVI Ground Engineering delivers sustainable and economical solutions as alternatives to classical foundation methods.

TREVI Ground Engineering provides complete technical support to its clients in development of their projects from feasibility stage until the successful completion of the construction works. We provide tailor made solutions using combination of different technologies of ground improvement adopted to clients need, soil conditions, project type, loads and specifications.

The following are the main technologies used by TREVI adopted in each part of the world:

·         Dynamic Compaction (DC)

·         Dynamic Replacement (DR)

·         Vibro Compaction  (VC)

·         Vibro Replacement/ Stone Columns (VR)

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