25 - 26 April 2017

Andrew Brown

Senior Coastal Engineer and Middle East Business Manager
HR Wallingford

12:30 PM Marine buffer zones and hydrodynamic assessments for regional planning in the Gulf

Important strategic facilities such as refineries, power stations and desalination plants are widespread along the coastline of the Arabian Gulf. These require a plentiful supply of clean seawater, which is usually abstracted through marine intakes. In many countries that border with the Gulf, desalination is the only native source of potable water for the population. As such, desalination plants are strategically important facilities that require protection against the effects of future development. The rapid pace of coastal development in the region means that many sensitive marine intakes can be at risk of poor water quality.

This presentation will provide a useful methodology for regional planning that is informed through hydrodynamic modelling assessments with the aim of safeguarding strategically important facilities. The use of buffer zones and a range of mitigation measures are also discussed.

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