Delivering robust and sustainable marine structures

By 2020 the UAE will be part of the top seven maritime centres in the world. With this exciting prospect comes huge pressure and significant responsibility to deliver and pave the way in marine and coastal engineering practices. As a result, there are two vital methods in ensuring the production of sustainable and successful marine structures. First, key opportunities must be identified and developed through the latest marine engineering methods and secondly, to constantly aim to learn about the innovative tools, solutions and services to incorporate for best practice.

With governments around the GCC looking towards expanding their waterfronts for both recreational and commercial use through port expansions and artificial islands, opportunities are everywhere, with exciting news coming from the UAE, KSA and Oman.

Based on high demand we are proud to welcome back the 4th Marine & Coastal Engineering Conference. Taking place from the 24-27 April 2016 in Abu Dhabi, this event will bring together marine and coastal experts from consultants, contractors, port authorities, government representatives, oil and gas operators and services and solution suppliers to share experiences and discuss project challenges and requirements to determine best practice in marine engineering and project delivery.

Don't miss our Certified Workshop by DHI (24 April 2016) to know more about the methods and tools for optimisation and impact assessments of marine projects.

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Why should you attend?


Hear about the latest technologies available for optimised project modelling and monitoring, rock armour solutions, revetments and breakwater structures to improve your sustainability and productivity


Gain access to local and international case studies to learn lessons from experts involved in major dredging and reclamation, EPC design, artificial islands and waterfront development projects in the UAE and beyond


Discover the key planning, maintenance, and construction strategies being implemented successfully across the globe which can be adapted to regional projects


Establish effective solutions specific to Gulf projects by understanding client requirements, evolved geotechnical challenges, environmental regulations, feasibility studies and inherit knowledge on how to plan for coastal development of the future

Who should attend?

  •  Government Ministries
  •  Port Authorities
  •  Marine Engineering Specialists
  •  Oil & Gas Companies and Authorities
  •  Consultants
  •  Contractors
  •  Solution Providers